The Top Ten Healthy Games and Gym Activities For Kids

You want your children to be healthy and fit. This includes encouraging a positive attitude towards What sports and physical activity.
My children and I created our own criteria for choosing fitness activities. For me, the most important thing was:

Safety and low injury risk should be top priorities for parents.
Skill mastery Any sport or activity in the gym that requires you to learn increasingly complex patterns of muscle coordination and group interaction.
Balanced body fitness: This involves challenging the muscles of the upper and lower bodies, as well as training both left and right sides. It also builds cardio fitness and strength in a way that is age-appropriate.
A combination of competiveness, personal challenge and fun.
Participation for life
Mix of individual pursuits, team sports, structured programs and unstructured activities
They have to want it.
These are my top ten favorite sports, games, and activities for kids based on these criteria:

Dance – Classes in dance are a great way to train for your life. It helps you to become more aware of your body and improve your fitness. Dance has a creative aspect. You can dance all your life. When they were young, both of my boys went to dance classes. Unfortunately, their class was less full as they grew older and they ended up dropping out.
Kicking and punching (martial art) – Martial arts such as taekwon do or karate focus on balanced body and mental development. They also build self-confidence and have a well-organized reward system with colored belts. This activity is suitable for both adults and children.
Swimming – Every child should learn how to swim. Swimming can be enjoyed at different levels. It can be a fun, relaxing, or competitive activity. Swimming has two potential downsides. Some people are allergic to chlorine. People who swim a lot may develop shoulder tendon issues from repetitive overhead reaching. Competitive swimmers need good coaching.
Soccer – This is my favorite team sport. Running is a constant activity. It requires teamwork. You will learn how to kick with both your feet. To be able to think strategically, you will need to improve your peripheral vision. Equipment requirements are not difficult. There are many adult leagues.
Wrestling More children should wrestle, especially girls. Wrestling is a sport that requires you to be physically fit. However, it can also be a mental strategy game. It is rare to sustain an injury. My older son was a wrestler on his high school wrestling team. Although he did not plan to wrestle in college, I believe it helped him get in at the college of his dreams. In high school, he was also involved in choir, theatre, and band. The wrestlers were the most diverse social group, with the highest grade point average and the most ethnically diverse. It was amazing! The best thing about wrestling? It allows kids of all sizes to compete on an equal playing field. There is one downside to wrestling. Depending on how intense the program is and where your child falls in the weight spectrum there may be pressure to “cut fat” – extreme diets, sweating and exercise routines are used to lose enough weight to qualify for a particular weight class. My son was not affected by this issue. If it had, I would have pulled him from the program immediately.
Figure skating can be a great activity that you can do for your entire life. It teaches balance, an essential movement skill that is often overlooked. Your children will be less likely in 80 years to fracture or fall their bones. The downside is that advanced skills like jumps, turns and other dance moves are usually developed in one direction, rather than in another.
Hockey – I have grown to appreciate hockey as a great sport for children. Hockey is a great sport because of the amazing movement skills. There are still many opportunities to play hockey, even for those who have retired. Girls’ hockey is also growing in popularity. There are some drawbacks to this sport. If you don’t live in colder climates where the ponds freeze in winter, it can cost a lot of money and other expenses.
Ultimate – Ultimate is not just a group of hippies throwing a Frisbee about. It’s a serious sport that promotes teamwork, conditioning and sportsmanship.
Yoga – It integrates the mind, body and spirit. You will develop self-control and calm in chaos. Your body’s incredible potential and limitations can be appreciated for a lifetime.
Kayaking, canoeing and hiking. Experiencing nature. Accepting physical challenges. It is possible for anyone to do it, regardless of age. It can be done with a group or as a family.

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