Brief representation of investing concept

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Do you have patience to see the money growing slowly? Then investing is the best option for you. Investing associates lower risk and higher return after a long period. Investment is the accumulation of wealth believing that in future it will reap the benefits of labour.

Types of investors:

Different kinds of investors are present in the market. They are angel investor, active investor, passive investor, pre investor, personal investor. Many a time the owners prefer to take the idea of business from the nearest ones like family, relatives, and friends. They are called personal investors. Angel investors are those who like to invest a little amount on the small start-up business. Pre-investors have hardly declined towards financial knowledge.  Passive investors like to use their financial knowledge in their personal needs like owning a house. Active investors are interested in the stock market when they believe about the long term gain. If an active investor is continuously involved in investing then he has to pay a management fee.

Dissimilarity between the investing and trading:

Trading is all about holding stocks for a short term and then investing money for many years. Investing is the style of holding assets by compounding interest and receiving dividends consistently. Trading carries high risk and high return and investing carries low risk and low return.

Types of investment:

Stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds are the examples of investment. The company which wants to be enlisted, they launch the shares in the market. Investors purchase the share which means they become the part of owning the company.  Bonds give the regular dividend to the bond holders. Mutual funds are the collection of numerous investors’ which is mainly invested in different companies. The exchange traded funds are the same as the mutual funds. Shares of ETF are bought and sold on the stock markets.

Key to be successful in investing:

Learning is the continuous process of getting success in this field. They have to keep in mind that nothing is permanent in this field except volatility. For this investors have to go through continuous market research , analysis. Investors need to believe in their own intellect because only persistence in this field makes you gainer. Diversification is the most important tool to invest in this field. It does not assure you about gain or loss but you can diversify your assets in different size, prices.

The types of investors according to characteristics:

No one can understand your position better than you. Individualist: who are Careful, and confident, adventurers: believe in volatility, strong willed. Celebrity: follow the latest trend of the market Guardian: totally risk averse, Straight arrow: belongs to the all mentioned qualities.

The people who are patient, like to use savings as a tool of growing wealth in future , investing at  is the best option for them.


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