Social Media Tips for Retailers

Social media marketing might have been tailor designed for retailers. Sure, you could know your regular customers and say “hello” for them when they make their purchase. But before the advent of social media, that was probably the sole affordable way to keep touching them.

High end stores could maybe afford a printed newsletter every now and then.

Smaller stores with regular purchases could maybe work with a loyalty card (usually with a rubber stamp for every single purchase).

But little more.

Now retailers may use various methods to keep customers loyal and informed.

Probably the simplest social media presence to set up is a Facebook page. They’ve a built-in procedure that takes you step by step through the initial page creation and from then on it’s only a matter of keeping the page current and encouraging your visitors to participate your page.

The encouragement process is often by means of promotions and events but only for people who have signed as much as your page.

This technique alone can enable you to increase customer loyalty as well as increase their spending.

Nevertheless, people are certain to get bored quickly if all you do with your social media is sell what to them. That’s not why they thought they logged onto Facebook – although the amount of adverts on that site let you know they are being treated more and more commercially.

Gossip is good – you are able to tell people about birthdays, your pets, even what you did at the weekend or yesterday as long as it’s fit for public discussion!

The more you should use your social media to develop a relationship with your regular customers, the better.

Once you’ve built up a amount of people on your company Facebook page, you may also use the advertising function on that site to target more potential customers. There’s a fantastic drill down facility on the advertising panel that can help you to do this although you need to keep yourself informed that – much the same as Google’s AdWords – it’s designed to line Facebook’s pocket first and foremost so it’s best to obtain some assistance from an expert if you do not want to invest significantly more than you bargained for.

For retailers, social media also expands to cell phone communications.

It’s easy to ask your visitors to sign up for texts which contain news and promotions from your company. So long as you keep the amount of messages reasonable and the worthiness they give high, they can be an excellent solution to drum up trade almost instantly.

Text messages have a high “open” rate – more than 9 out of every 10 messages sent are read within a few momemts to be sent.

Which means that if you’ve got an empty shop or restaurant or whatever and will make a compelling offer, you are able to change that round very quickly. It’s not unheard of for restaurants who’ve used text offers to truly have a queue at the doorway later that day. smm panel Exactly the same goes for retailers who offer a flash sale but only to people who’ve received the text.

Is Social Media a Revolutionary Force and What Does It Mean to You?

Several things happened in the past week. The individuals of Egypt removed Hosni Mubarak as their ruler and I had dinner with high school friends that I hadn’t seen for decades. What’s the connection? Social media. The best choice of Egypt’s revolt was a Google executive; I reconnected with my high school friends on Facebook.

I was also a member of a panel on “How to Use Social Media to Build Your Business.” Often when this topic is introduced to the over 40 crowd it’s viewed rather skeptically; the concern being among time and value, as a result of lack of knowledge and experience.

When we think of Egypt as a comparison, consider who led the charge, who was in the road first–the youth. Why? The old want stability and peace at any cost; the young see revolution and progress. Hope trumps experience–the youth have a passion for freedom; the old were safe in accepting the status quo, therefore ambivalent about change. Passion trumps ambivalence. Cellphones, Twitter, Facebook and the Internet all made these changes in the Arab world possible. Social media marketing is a revolutionary force.

How are you embracing and implementing social media in your organization and personal branding? Social media marketing is a valuable tool for building your reputation, engaging new, prospective customers and gaining real-time feedback. You are able to experience exponential returns in your customer base that could not be possible through any means free to you apart from time. So, when you are not on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms you are standing still, maintaining the status quo-at least before younger, more forward-thinking competitor dethrones you. A current Harris Poll indicated that 78% of Millennials, the very first generation to be raised with online media, actively use social media. This includes blogs, social networks and photo and video sharing sites.

Last but definitely not least is Hubspot’s Twitter Grader! The Grader application is available for Twitter and for facebook. Twitter Grader is very interesting and useful, collecting data and then running it via an algorithm to establish the measure of an individual’s reach, authority, and even their power on Twitter. As the developer of the Grader explains how it measures and “grades” users, “once you tweet, what kind of a direct effect does it have?” The application measures quantity of followers you’ve, the energy of those followers, the amount of updates and the recency of those updates, the following/follower ratio is accounted for, and the “engagement” level, on the basis of the reach of a person user. Once most of the above factors are entered, a quality calculation, a ranking, and an evaluation concerning “areas of concern,” if any, are delivered. The Twitter Grader also provides a powerful search application, several options that come with adding badges to blogs and websites, others in making tweeting easier, and still others for discovering the top users, cities, states, and countries are. Overall, the HubSpot Twitter Grader is a good application and one every marketer should have in his or her arsenal.

You will find other Twitter tools we will discuss within the next article in this series on Twitter and social media. Some of the tools to be discussed are awesome for tracking links, some are great for ascertaining overall influence, some for ideal for tracking “ReTweets,” and still others are good for establishing how deep and wide your reach is on Twitter and in social media generally. Additionally, we will discuss applications with marketing possibilities, particularly those tracking up-to-the-minute keyword and trends on a display similar to a Twitter page. Overall, Twitter offers numerous possibilities for marketers and is highly recommended a valuable tool. However, it’s still this author’s opinion that many are simply not using Twitter properly or at the very least to its fullest advantage. We shall continue to talk about this location throughout the ongoing group of articles on social media, and yes, “social media marketing.”

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