Bangladesh receives 4.5m doses of US, Chinese vaccines

Of those, 2.5 million were amounts of the Moderna jab supplied by the US as a gift through the COVAX facility, while 2 million were Asian Sinopharm vaccines ordered by the South Asian country.

Based on Wellness Ministry official Maidul Islam Prodhan, the initial consignment of 1.25 million Moderna vaccines reached Dhaka airport on Friday at midnight, accompanied by yet another unique journey with the remaining portion of the delivery in early stages Saturday morning.

On one other give, two unique Bangladeshi flights produced 2 million Sinopharm jabs from China in early stages Saturday.

These reached the nation of 165 million persons at the same time when it absolutely was facing an acute shortage of vaccines.

Bangladesh started a pilot vaccination program on Jan. 27 this season and a nationwide program on Feb. 7, administering Covishield and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines created by the Serum Institute of India (SII).

But, on April 25, the federal government had to suspend its inoculation strategy a day following India stopped exporting the vaccines due to a record spike in instances and deaths there.  latest world news

a man is injected with a covid 19 vaccine in dhaka bangladesh photo afp file


Up to now, Bangladesh has inoculated over 10 million people with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines. The united states has additionally administered almost 70,000 amounts of the Asian Sinopharm vaccine.

The country’s demise toll has neared 15,000 with 134 new casualties in the last 24 hours, racing to an overall total determine of 14,912.

With 6,214 additional instances throughout the last 24 hours, the total disease tally has reached 936,256.

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R. Miller certain Dhaka so it might continue to receive vaccines from his state, said a statement on Friday night.

“The vaccine donations coming tonight are just the start,” said the record, quoting Miller.

Miller also observed that Washington led over $84 million to greatly help Bangladesh beat the pandemic.


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