5 best Water Sports in Lanzarote


Lanzarote enjoys pleasant weather through the entire season with bright temperate waters and amazing visibility, giving one wonderful usage of all sorts of water sports. Adventurous visitors and also adrenaline junkies will have a simple time locating activities to keep active with on the island of Lanzarote. Whether they’re keen on exploring the island from an underwater viewpoint, increased up in the skies or even traveling on the outside – here’s the full list of the extremely best activities, Now let’s check top 5 water sports in lanzarote.

1 Parascending

Parascending inside Puerto del Carmen in addition to Playa Blanca isn’t difficult. Simply come and look. We’ve two new parascending boats. You can question individuals who tried it before. Take pleasure in the breeze as you glide above the beach. Fly across the gorgeous shorelines of Puerto del Carmen. You can only fly fifty m high or possibly 400 m for the brave. An event you won’t ever forget.

2 Jetski Rental

Jetski rental for those that love to have the fascinating sensation of velocity on the water. This’s essentially the most refreshing experience of the vacation of yours. We’ve a huge fleet of Jetskis. They’re all completely new and maintained properly.

3 Scuba Diving

There are many spots in Lanzarote which can be well suited for diving. Several of the most favored people consist of Puerto del Carmen’s Playa Chica, which includes several dive sites such as for example The Blue Hole, The Shrimp Cave, across the Eye. The beaches of Corralejo feature a spot known as Waikiki, alongside Playa Grande on the southeastern part of the island features a few websites also.

4 Sea Treks

A Sea Trek, also known as underwater headgear diving, is a great experience. It’s an instructed underwater trip, that was developed allow children and non-swimmers above age eight to comprehend the spectacular marine life of depths of 3 10 meters. A helmet is used, which can be given air from tanks which can be attached using a hose. Many compare the impression of hiking underwater like what we imagine a stroll on the moon would feel as if.

5 Surfing

Surfing is just a sport where a surfboard is utilized to operate a vehicle a tendency at the outer lining area of the water. Beginner surfers are likely to surf on the whitewater, simply because they work out how to navigate the tricky combination of paddling, standing in place on the and then keeping balance while using. Bodysurfing is just a deviation of surfing, where someone runs on the bodyboard for browsing waves while balancing on the top of body as opposed to looking at one’s foot.

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